The covenant family of God is diverse by God’s design

Enrichment Days (E-Days) are intended to enrich the students by allowing them to benefit from this diversity of gifts, interests, and associations among all the parents of the students in their various classes. Read more about E-Days in the Family Handbook.

What Do I Need to Do?

  • Submit your preferred E-day topics and dates to your child’s teacher using the Google Form link provided at Open House. Your child’s teacher will send E-Day assignments to you.
  • Attend E-day training on September 14, 2023, if you are new to Redeemer School or desire a refresher!
  • Review your E-Day topics by grade level:
  • Plan your E-Days. Use the Sample E-Day Planning Form and the E-Day Tips Sheet to ensure you cover everything you’ll need.
  • Complete the online E-Day Planner at least 1 week before your E-day to share your plans with your child’s teacher. These will be saved to help parents create E-Days in the future!

  • Collect materials. You are responsible for costs of any materials you purchase for the E-Day.
  • Watch the E-Day Safety Video (approx. 14 minutes & only needed once per school year)
  • Accept the responsibility as the authority in the class when with the children, lovingly disciplining them and shepherding their hearts as if they were your own children!
View a recorded E-Day training.